As an event venue, with what’s happening now, we need to understand that the future of parties and social gatherings will change dramatically.   Due to the current health crisis, the TKTO has made the difficult decision to PERMANENTLY CLOSE.   

We want to thank you for all your years of support.    This has been an incredible journey.

We are the TKTO

  • Knife & Tomahawk Throwing Enthusiasts.
  • Chucking Steel, Making Friends.
  • League Play Only.

The TKTO was founded by friends, with a love for competitive Knife Throwing.   Our grassroots start built a range of dedicated League players who are passionate about the Sport of Knife Throwing.

This is not the end.  This is the next chapter in what has been an epic story.

Our heartfelt thanks for your years of love, support and friendships.

Thank You for Your Support.

What is The TKTO?

It is hard to believe that there is a place cooler than TKTO.

Throwing knives gives you a primal satisfaction. It might be connected to our hunting instincts. The thrill of getting a knife stuck to the target is awesome, it gets you hooked in an incredible way.

The music is awesome Rock ‘n’ Roll from different decades.  If you are into it you are gonna love it.  If you don’t, it is still time to improve your musical taste.

Last, but definitely not least – the people. It’s one of the most friendly and welcoming places in Toronto. It took me one single walk-in to get hooked.”

Andrew Pieries

Thank You for All Your Support.