Operations Manager, Business Partner, Instructor


Sara Jameson is an accomplished business owner, who came to be part of the TKTO team after their initial outdoor launch.    Taking her business savvy, administrative strengths, and combining them with her background in graphic design and marketing, she took on the role of Operations Manager, helping behind the scenes to keep the TKTO running, as well as the Champions throw.

Along with her administrative duties, Sara has taken an active role in learning the techniques involved with the sport of Knife Throwing.    She is now the Second Most Senior Instructor at the range, offering her own spin on things (no pun intended), while holding true to the techniques and skills involved in competitive throwing.

Instruction Style

Sara's approach to instruction involves a great deal of positive reinforcement.   Believing strongly in the concept that knife throwing is one of the few sports that is truly equal among age, gender and body type, she places emphasis on technique, over brute force.   Sara speaks softly, but her words carry the weight of helping thousands of new throwers learn the satisfaction of the Thunk Life.


Business Partner, Instructor, Marketing, Administration

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