TKTO Founder, Chief Instructor, IKTHOF Provincial Representative

Jonathan Howcroft was born and raised in downtown Toronto. Throughout his life, Jonathan always had a keen interest in physical activities that promoted muscle memory, technique and accuracy. When he first tried knife throwing and realized the satisfaction of connecting blade to target and the skill involved, he was immediately hooked. Since then he has worked tirelessly to promote the sport and encourage people to get involved in this satisfying and ancient pastime.

Aside from conventional throwing, Jonathan also enjoys refining his quick draw skills and 'gun slinging' spinner techniques.

Instruction Style

When teaching new throwers, Jonathan likes to focus on coordination and body posturing making him a concise and detail oriented instructor. Jonathan emphasizes technique and discipline in his knife throwing practice.


Jonathan Howcroft is a Provincial Representative for the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame (IKTHOF) and as such, is one of few individuals qualified to submit scores for official rankings.

2015 IKTHOF World Knife Throwing Championships - 2nd Place, Quick Draw

2016 IKTHOF Canadian National Championships - 3rd Place, No Spin

2017 IKTHOF World Championships - 2nd Place, Long Distance Tomahawk & Team Champion for Highest Overall Score within the TKTO.



TKTO Founder, Chief Instructor, IKTHOF Provincial Representative

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