Toronto's Only Professional Knife Throwing Range

What you need to know to make the most of your visit.

The TKTO welcomes both, new and experienced throwers to come, check out this fun and exciting sport. It's a great way to work on focus, muscle memory, honing a skill, while socializing with like-minded individuals in our unique indoor target range.

And remember... ‪#‎justthetip, it's all you need!

  • Understand our Food & Beverage Policy
  • Check our weekly schedule

Our Policies

Clothing/Attire Policy


This includes, fully covering, comfortable, closed toed athletic shoes.   If you are wearing opened toed shoes, or shoes that leave the top of your foot exposed, such as flip-flops, sandals or light, canvas or ballet style shoes, you will not be permitted to throw.   High heels are not recommended.  We also recommend a comfortable, loose fitting top that won’t restrict arm or upper body movement.

Safety & Liability Forms

The TKTO takes your safety seriously.   The policies and waivers we have in place are there to protect and inform you and to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Upon arriving at the TKTO, you will be provided with a Safety & Liability Waiver. You must read this carefully and will not be allowed to participate in any TKTO activities until it has been signed. If you have any questions, we will be more than happy to walk you through the process and answer any concerns you may have.

Food & Beverage Policy

You are welcome to bring food and beverages to our facility.

Please be aware, the TKTO does not offer any kitchen, including refrigeration, cooking ranges or ovens, barbecues, microwaves or sinks.   A general use lounge areas is available to set out a buffet-style meal, however proper dining tables and chairs are not onsite.

Regarding catering and food deliveries: Please ensure somebody from your group is present when the delivery arrives. We recommend requesting a phone call from the delivery person prior to arrival.   The TKTO will not be held responsible for food deliveries when a group member is not present.



Group Sizes

When booking your group, you will be asked to select the estimated number of people.   This helps us determine how many lanes and instructors are needed for your event.   Individual passes are the standard rate of $45/person.   If there is a discrepancy between how many people you have booked for and the number of people who actually arrive, the minimum cost for your group size must be covered.

New & Experienced Throwers Welcome

  • Walk-Ins

    Knife Throwing Walk-Ins offer you the ability to come individually, in singles, pairs…

  • League


  • Group Bookings

    The TKTO invites you and your friends for an private event of…

Upcoming Events

WALK-INS Now Available!

Ideal for New Throwers & Smaller Groups

For smaller groups and individuals, we highly recommend attending one of our Walk-In sessions. Walk-Ins are intended for new and experienced throwers who are looking for a cost-effective way to come as a smaller group.

Walk-Ins are available throughout the week.  Please check our weekly schedule.   There are no minimum group sizes and are dealt with on a First Come, First Serve basis.

Upcoming Walk-Ins

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Evenings  (Doors open @ 7pm)

At League, you will learn the game of conventional knife throwing, scoring, throwing from various distances and techniques to improve accuracy and consistency of your throw.

  • Improve Your Skills
  • Compete for Prizes & Cash
  • Socialize with other knife throwers
  • Cumulate Points for League Rankings
  • Join Us for the League Finals - Tournament, Prizes, Food & More!

Cost - $150, including tax  (that's less than $17/week!)

Join League Online